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Past Podcast: Lisa Sedlar With Green Zebra Grocery

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Recorded: July 16th, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST

Leveraging The Insanity: Making Entrepreneurial Chaos Work For You


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Lisa Sedlar, CEO and Founder of Green Zebra Grocery in Portland Oregon green zebra2

Moderated by:

Terry St. Marie, Built Oregon co-founder and writer (www.terrystarbucker.com)


Lisa Sedlar

Lisa Sedlar

Three years ago, Lisa Sedlar quit a great CEO job at a thriving and growing Portland grocery store to start a risky new venture of her own – a new grocery/convenience store hybrid she described as “Whole Foods meets 7-Eleven”.

About a year later, after a flurry of planning, fund raising, construction, high anxiety, and second (and third and fourth) mortgages, and the first Green Zebra Grocery opened in Portland’s Kenton district.

There have been bumps in the road, long-hours, more fund raising, and the non-stop insanity of the day-to-day and hour-by-hour challenges of launching a new (and unproven) business model, but Lisa and Green Zebra have come through it all stronger, and are about to start building a second store in Portland.

Lisa has “leveraged” all that insanity to keep her business momentum pushing forward, and will share her experiences and lessons with us on this live podcast.

Key Points

  • Why being paranoid is a good business tool
  • Getting comfortable with the inevitable mistakes
  • Why forgetting most of the stuff you did before is a good idea
  • When eating crow is a good thing (and tastes good)
  • Listening tips to find the best wheat among all the chaff
  • Using the grind to build valuable and battle tested entrepreneurial toughness