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Discount Program Participating Merchants

To get these deals use the codes below, or onsite, just pull out your smartphone and show your Built Oregon membership confirmation email, or the email receipt from signing up on our site.

Green Zebra Grocery in Portland (3011 N Lombard St.): $5 off any purchase of $25 or more (one time use only, can’t be combined with other GZ coupon offers )

Cairn in Bend: 20% off the first two months of a Cairn subscription – go online here, and use the code “BUILTOREGON”

Chivaz in Redmond: 30% off coupon  – just go to their site and enter in “BUILTOR30″ during the checkout process.

Street 14 Coffee in Astoria (1410 Commercial St.): 10% off on purchases of $5 or more for food and drink

Radish Underground in Portland (414 SW 10th Ave.) : 10% off all merchandise

Red Wagon Creamery in Eugene (55 W. Broadway): 10% off on food & drink

Nossa Familia Coffee in Portland (espresso bar only on 811 NW 13th): 10% off on food & drink

Pulse Salon in Portland (1023 SW Yamhill St.) 10% off on all services

ClearSky Consulting in Portland   (www.ClearSkyPDX.com) : One hour free consultation