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About Built Oregon

About Built Oregon

The Oregon story of innovation and entrepreneurship is one of passion, inspiration, perspiration, dedication—and more often than not—collaboration. It is a story focused on craft and attention to detail, whether that craft involves food, technology, or life sciences. From Ashland to Baker City to Astoria, Oregonians get up every day, looking to seize opportunities; opportunities that drive the state’s economy and, more importantly, our local communities.

These activities, however, go largely unrecognized. Because those stories are rarely told. And even when we do see these stories, they tend to focus on the larger cities and within a small segment of industries.

But innovation and entrepreneurship are not constrained to areas with a certain population, by a particular demographic, or by a geographic region. These stories span our entire state in every corner of Oregon.

There needs to be another voice to tell these stories. The stories that are happening from Hillsboro to the Wallowas. The stories that span many industries, from medical advances to new types of paddle equipment.The stories of struggles, as well as successes.

 Your stories.

Built Oregon will serve as the chronicle of these stories. A monthly reminder of the stories of founders throughout Oregon. And an ongoing platform to feature these stories. To give them the attention and care they deserve. To craft the story of Oregon.

 Content Focus

Built Oregon is a digital magazine focused on founder stories The content will revolve around three key elements: supporting statewide entrepreneurship, instigating conversations, and connecting regions and companies. We will support, instigate, and connect the people and places of Oregon, across the state and all industries.

 Support & Awareness

Innovation is happening throughout Oregon, from next generation drone technology to sustainable ranching to best of class cycling rims.

Built Oregon will support entrepreneurs throughout our state by being a continual voice championing what they are doing, shining a light on individual regions, and revealing the economic impact these entrepreneurs and their companies are having all across Oregon.

 Instigate & Inspire

Through our stories and reporting, we will look to be an instigator for the entrepreneurial ecosystem by discussing new ideas and evolving conversations. Our aim is to instigate conversations, discuss statewide economic drivers, and inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs.

 Connect & Accelerate

Our state is diverse, from the geographic regions and landscapes to the innovations and trends happening in each area. Through stories and events,  Built Oregon aims to better connect a statewide network of entrepreneurs, doers, accelerators, and support organizations in order to accelerate the collaborative economy in Oregon, both online and in person.

 Our Brand Promise

Connect and collaborate. Instigate to accelerate. Support and promote.

 Those are at the core of Built Oregon’s brand promise.

 We also know that Built Oregon cannot be the only change agent. Your collective voices and determination will define this collaborative ecosystem. Your local economies will drive the overall state’s ability to accelerate. Your stories will inspire the next wave of doers.


Who We Are

The founders of Built Oregon are driven by a strong belief that stories, in partnership with public and private resources, can support and drive economic development. We have a diverse and strong mix of experience and passion around entrepreneurship. Everything we do as the leaders of this company will always be focused on one thing — being an instigator of conversations, catalyst for connecting people and regions, and promoter of entrepreneurship.

Mitch Daugherty – Cofounder/Managing Editor

Terry ‘Starbucker’ St. Marie – Cofounder/Publisher

Rick Turoczy – Cofounder/Production Editor