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Community support for community outings

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We are constantly talking about how important community engagement is to what we are doing at Built Oregon. The engagement helps bring awareness to companies, bridge the gaps between regions and industries, and creates opportunities for collaboration.

Bring awareness. Bridge the gaps. Create collaboration opportunities.

Sounds like I’m describing a fly fishing trip, right?

Ok, maybe I made a bit of a leap there, but follow me for a few.

Soul River Inc. “Runs Wild”, founded by Chad Brown, is a 501(c)3 organization that brings together veterans as mentors and inner city youth to the wild rivers of the NW, with the hope that it encourages youth participants to grow and become ambassadors of our natural environment.

Awareness of the natural world outside of the cities. Bridge the gap between veterans and inner city youth. Create collaboration opportunities on the water and around a campfire.

What Soul River Inc. “Runs Wild” does is truly community engagement. But it’s engagement that can only happen with the help of all of us. The two day outings that take 10 inner city youth and 5 veterans fly fishing costs $2400, and are paid for entirely through donations to the nonprofit.

So here’s where all of us can help. We want to encourage the Built Oregon community to support Soul River Inc. “Runs Wild” as they look to raise the money for their 2016 trips. Our goal is to raise enough money to support one trip. To participate, visit the Support Page.

We are also donating all proceeds from our event on 2/18 to the organization and encouraging all attendees to donate in lieu of paying to attend.

If you donate, please share and use #supportsoulriver.

For more information, visit Soul River Inc “Runs Wild“,  and watch this Oregon Field Guide episode.

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