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If you get the chance to meet up with me, Terry or Rick to chat about Built Oregon, you will no doubt see our passion for what we’re doing unfold before you — sometimes in self admitted long winded responses.

There will be notes on how we see journalistic platforms like Built Oregon shaping economic development and getting people to lean in and engage.

And how, as Rick puts it, we see Oregonian’s ‘aggressive humbleness’ so many times when it comes to promoting themselves or their companies.

And we’ll make points on how Oregon-based companies set trends because of the unique passions and sense of place founders bring to their craft – whether that craft is technology or food.

We’d also throw in some ramblings about how good storytelling can act as a powerful recruitment tool, along with some deep dives into how we want to tell stories, instigate conversations, and create connections without worrying about ranking for SEO.

Although if traffic starts to taper off, we may have to start running some slideshows like ‘best sticker seen on a founder’s laptop’ (kidding…..although I bet people would click through that slideshow).

The bottom line is that you would get a lot of background into the founding and future of Built Oregon. All of of us tend to bring unique thoughts to the mix, but getting us all together to chat is not always easy.

But with this post, we are pleased to make it easy for you to hear our collective vision.

Below is a video that captures some of the May 12th, 2015 panel discussion around storytelling. The audio is not great, but hey, at least we got some of those ramblings on tape.

You also get a little bonus – some additional observations from our fellow panelists who joined us on that evening, Nathan Lattanzi of our marketing partner Anvil Media, and Krystal South of Oregon Story Board.

So take a listen if you are so inclined, and if any questions pop up after watching it, feel free to drop us a note.  Thanks!

(Our thanks to Fourpoint Media for shooting the video, and our student reporter Akhil Kambhammettu for editing our ramblings down to a (somewhat) manageable length)


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