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Why We Do It


One of the core reasons we started Built Oregon was to shine a light on awesome businesses around this state. To bring awareness to the products, services, collaborations, innovations, and hard work all of these folks do — every day. So when we received the following feedback from Jody Berry, Founder of Wild Carrot Herbals in Enterprise, OR, after her story was published, well …it made our day.  

When the article came out in Built Oregon we had a flurry of activity!  We received many new orders on our website and many more new followers on Twitter and Facebook – within Oregon and all over the country.  We are grateful for the thoughtful article that was written and we loved how our story was released along with stories of other entrepreneurs.  Not only did we enjoy reading about them, but that association with those other fine businesses also broadened our community.  Being in a remote corner of NE Oregon, we really appreciate that connection.  

Thanks Lori!


Boom. That is why we are doing what we are doing.

It’s why we will keep telling the stories.

It’s why we will continue to continually find ways to create opportunities for collaborations and instigate conversations.

It’s why the idea, growth, and evolution of Built Oregon will never be about us, but rather the companies who are out there making a difference for their communities and Oregon.

It’s why your support of $24/year is so important. If you haven’t joined up yet, this is our pitch. Chip in $24 and allow us to keep supporting the journalists who are telling these stories for us.

Finally, many thanks again to Lori Kimbel for writing this story, and being a huge supporter of Built Oregon. When you get a chance, check out her publication — Northeast Oregon Business News. Good stuff.

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