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Making the Connections Stronger


Issue two is almost ready to be published, but as we look to extend the reach and impact of Built Oregon, a few things have become apparent. Organizing in-person events around the state matter. Integrating new platforms matter. So as these new ways to connect deeper have surfaced as important keys to our success, we’d thought it would be good to share how we are looking to address them.

We had our first in-person event in Portland on the 4th of February. It was a panel discussion titled “Startup Week is Every Week, and Not Just in Portland.” The discussion centered around collaboration, sense of place, and opportunities/challenges. The event brought together a diverse panel and more than 100 attendees that mingled, networked, and connected. It’s the type of event we want to do around the state to better connect the entrepreneurs in each region, and to bring awareness to what is taking place.

This leads to our next event, which will be titled “Built Southern Oregon.” The event will be held in Grants Pass March 13-14. We’ll have more info very soon, but the idea is similar: bring cross-industry and regional entrepreneurs together to discuss opportunities, challenges, ways to collaborate, awareness into what each other is doing, and celebrate what these folks have already built.

As good as in-person events are, they’re not always the right tool for the job. New platforms can enable us to work on connecting the dots quickly and effectively. One of those platforms is called Switchboard. It’s an Oregon founded service designed to better enable connections within passionate communities like ours. With the help of these awesome Oregonians, we have launched the Built Oregon Switchboard. And we’d love to have you join us there.

Its power is based in its simplicity; you can post an Ask or an Offer as a way to engage the greater community. As simple as the platform is to use, its success is largely based on you — yep, we’re totally putting you to work (for a good cause!). Community members and the engagement of those communities is what will ultimately make this platform awesome. I would recommend checking out the PDX Startup Switchboard (1500 users!) as an example, and then read Rick’s intro piece as an overview on how to dive in.

That’s it for now. Always feel free to drop us a note via the contact page!

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Mitch Daugherty