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The Value of Membership


$24 a year.

What exactly does a Built Oregon membership provide? Why should you join us along this journey with Built Oregon?

As the founders of Built Oregon, we have all been asked these questions and even though we have some info on our Support Us page, so here is a brief synopsis of what your $24 gets you.

70-100 Stories — The focus of Built Oregon has always been on telling the stories of Oregon founders. Each of these stories are written by talented journalists from around the state, journalists who deserve to be paid a competitive rate for their efforts. Your membership helps to support the editorial content of Built Oregon — plain and simple. At some point we may add premium content that is members only, but we are also keenly aware that inspiration and collaboration should not be hidden behind a paywall.

Events — Collaboration and acceleration occur so much more quickly in person. That’s why we have started to organize events around the state. From panel discussions to company expos, the diversity of the events will hopefully match the diversity of entrepreneurship. Your membership provides free access to all of these events.

Affinity Program — We are working on expanding our statewide affinity program, where discounts are offered to members of Built Oregon. It’s not about focusing on getting deals, but rather opening your eyes to a wide array of companies you may not have heard of, and places you may not have visited as of yet.

Creation of a Community — Your support allows us to create a connected and collaborative Built Oregon community. A community of makers, foodies, techies, scientists, creatives, distillers, brewers, farmers, and on and on. Without your support, both as members and through engagement, we can’t sustain the momentum we need to make a real difference.

$24 a year.

Maybe it takes skipping a pint or latte every other month to support us, but we are confident that after reading these stories and helping to build this community you will see the true value in what your membership is supporting. Plus, if you happen to run into Mitch, Terry, or Rick there is a good chance that you will get that pint or latte back.

Here’s the signup page – come join our journey.

Cheers and Thank You

The Built Oregon Team

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