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A small step towards big things

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It was about 7 months ago when the idea for Built Oregon started to take shape.

Mitch and Terry, after teaming up to look into a coworking space, realized that a bigger impact could come from being a storytelling voice for entrepreneurship across Oregon—not a voice defined by one location or industry vertical.

In a Jerry Maguire moment, and possibly over a few pints of good Oregon beer, Mitch crafted the original Built Oregon mission statement. It was a reflection of what he and Terry envisioned and  a statement about the opportunity they saw around the idea of developing a digital magazine that told the story of entrepreneurship and innovation that is happening all across Oregon.

Storytelling to raise the awareness about what is happening in Oregon.

Storytelling to instigate conversations around the innovation community, which includes everything from food & beverage to sustainable farming and onto biotech and consumer products.

Storytelling that helps to connect entrepreneurial communities, regions, and the state.

They sent the mission statement to Rick looking for feedback. What they got in return was more than just feedback, it was one of the core leaders of the entrepreneurial community wanting to join them on this journey.

With that, the founding team was in place.

They dove into the concept and created a kickstarter campaign, with an incredible video as the focal point.


318 people backed the campaign and helped us beat our goal by $12,000.

Then they got accepted into the Oregon Storyboard accelerator and were off to the races.

Discussions began. “What stories to do first?”, “Who will we get to write the stories across the state?”, “What will be the overall editorial direction of Built Oregon going forward?” There were many questions that needed to be answered. But none that would be new to any of the entrepreneurs we are looking to shine a light on.

So here we are.

After 7 months of concepting, crowdfunding, discussions, and excitement our first issue is out. Some of the stories are extensions of the video we produced. And others are of companies from across Oregon. What we hope is that these stories lay the groundwork for what we want to accomplish with Built Oregon.

To support the entrepreneurs across Oregon, instigate conversations, and create connections that fuel cross industry collaborations, and ultimately accelerate the economy forwards.

But this is just the first step. Our big things include an issue every month and events around the state in 2015. We hope that you enjoy issue one and continue to join us on this journey.

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Mitch Daugherty